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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Alexandria Audiology provides a comprehensive list of audiology services to fit the needs of all levels of hearing loss. From top to bottom, services are made to be as hassle-free as possible, without letting up on quality.

Tests and Evaluations

There are multiple tests for finding out the quality of a patient’s hearing. After going through the necessary tests, a beneficial solution is offered for patients to meet their hearing loss criteria. Available tests from Alexandria Audiology are audiologist-led hearing evaluations, tympanometry and more. For the benefit of those that are on the fence about treatment, free hearing screenings are provided to users that think they have hearing loss. This quick test could lead to further evaluation of the extent of damage, and suggestions to move forward.

Equipment and Accessories

Hearing aids and their accessories are available from Alexandria Audiology, which is a great benefit for patients that want to talk about compatibility with their audiologist. Alexandria Audiology has a full supply of batteries in-house, making it the perfect location to stock up on needed power. Available sizes are 10, 312, 13 and 675. In order to extend the functionality of hearing aids, other accessories can be purchased. Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids can be far more useful once outfitted with the proper accessories. Whether for comfort or to upgrade the mechanics of the device, accessories can breathe new life into a hearing aid.


Earwax removal and tinnitus evaluation are also available for those that need it. Not only can earwax be uncomfortable, it can also cause serious blockage in the ear canals. Cleaning it out and keeping ear canals clear will improve hearing. Tinnitus is described as hearing a constant noise in the ear, sometimes a ringing, whistling or buzzing. Along with an evaluation to determine the severity, there are management options available. Patients will find the sessions useful for day-to-day management of tinnitus.

Real Ear Measurements

In addition to the above services, Alexandria Audiology also offers detailed and comprehensive hearing aid fittings. Hearing aid fittings, to include real ear measurements, ensure that the devices are programmed properly for each patient. The hearing aid fitting is a triumphant moment for any hearing aid user that is ready to take the next step in hearing health. With the finished hearing aid individualized for the patient, there is a higher chance of overall satisfaction.

Alexandria Audiology offers a large variety of services to help individuals experiencing hearing loss, earwax or tinnitus issues. Additionally, Alexandria Audiology provides a line-up of highly advanced hearing technology to meet everyone’s needs. Call our office today to find out what we can do for you.