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Hearing Aid Evaluation

Once it has been determined that you have a hearing loss that is treatable with hearing aids, a hearing aid evaluation will be completed. This is often combined with a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

What to expect

A complete history will be taken with questions to determine how the hearing loss is impacting your life. We will discuss how long the hearing loss has been present, what limitations it has on your life as well as any other ear symptoms you might be experiencing.

The hearing test will be reviewed and discussed to explain why you might be experiencing certain limitations with your hearing. The hearing test, along with lifestyle and budget considerations will be used to determine the best hearing solution for you as an individual.

Often times at this appointment we will do a hearing aid demonstration. A demo set of hearing aids will be programmed to your specific hearing loss to give you a broad sense of what you can expect a hearing aid to feel and sound like. This can be an eye opening experience for some who have not realized what they have been missing. Hearing loss is not something that happens overnight. We slowly compensate for our hearing loss.

Once a decision has been made as to the style and type of hearing aid to be ordered, a follow up appointment will be made for a hearing aid fitting. The fitting will be scheduled anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Some styles of hearing aids take longer to make than others.