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What is an Audiologist?

Healthcare professionals that treat, diagnose and study hearing loss disorders are audiologists. Julie Wagoner, the audiologist at Alexandria Audiology, treats patients of all ages. Audiologists perform hearing tests and evaluations that determine the degree and type of hearing loss. They also recommend and fit hearing aids, which is what most people connect with audiology. The job of an audiologist doesn’t end there, as they also help to develop and lead speech, listening and auditory training programs. 

Having a competent audiologist in the lead is important, since a patient’s hearing health path will be determined by their diagnosis and solutions. It is not enough to simply get the best hearing aid available, if this hearing aid is not properly programmed for an individual. You should always be comfortable with your audiologist and feel as though your needs are being addressed. An audiologist should always be engaged, informative and willing to help when there is a misunderstanding.

What to expect at your appointment?

Patients should expect to spend some time getting to know their personal audiologist, where past health history will be discussed. This is an important step, and it really helps to come prepared. Some things to have ready for the first appointment include: medical history, a list of medications and an understanding of your symptoms. Being able to accurately describe symptoms can speed up the evaluation process. Patients should also be vocal about their hearing needs, as it helps the audiologist to develop a treatment plan. And lastly, bringing a friend or family member along is recommended for first-time patients. Consider this a helpful addition to relieve whatever stress may float to the surface during the first meeting. Bringing someone along can also help with retaining information about a condition, device or medical history questions.

Our Audiologist

Dr. Julie Wagoner is Alexandria Audiology’s board certified audiologist. Her dedication to her patients and her passion for providing individualized care, as well as her knowledge of hearing disorders and treatment options are what make her stand out as a hearing care professional. With a solid commitment to both her patients and professional growth, Julie continues to be a valuable member of the American Academy of Audiology and is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Alexandria Audiology

Having an audiologist you trust is the first step to bettering your hearing health. With an industry that continues to grow, Alexandria Audiology continues on a path that builds a relationship with patients. The technical aspect of the hearing aid industry is closely followed, so individuals continue to receive the top devices available. Alexandria Audiology is the beginning of an answer to a very simple solution.