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About our Hearing Center

Visiting our Office

When you visit us, the first thing you may notice is how interested in you we are. This is the foundation of our Patient–Centered Approach. Our audiologist is trained to put your personal needs first. That means she takes more time to listen up front to be sure we get you the best possible care for your individual needs.

There are many types of hearing loss and many different lifestyles, that's why we find out as much about you as we can. For instance, in which kinds of situations are you finding hearing difficult? This helps decide how to provide you the best treatment.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation is needed to understand your degree of hearing loss and how to address it. The results of the hearing evaluation will produce what is called an audiogram, a chart that visually represents what type of hearing loss you have.

We will then explain the audiogram. Combined with our knowledge of your lifestyle, your needs, and the nature of your hearing loss, we will recommend the right hearing solution for you. We offer a wide selection of some of the best hearing aids available from the top manufacturers, so our recommendations are unbiased and work for your particular situation. We even have a risk-free 75-day trial period,* one of the longest in the industry, to make sure your hearing aids are the right ones for you.

The Alexandria Audiology experience doesn't stop there. We not only want you to have the right hearing solution, we keep our promise to provide ongoing support. Our Customer care packages are designed to give you warranty and free batteries for up to three years as well as free follow-up visits, so you can enjoy your improved hearing without worry. Because at Alexandria Audiology, we don't just sell hearing aids; we make a commitment to help you hear better.

Mission: We Work Hard to Make Hearing Easy