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4 FAQs for Your Audiologist

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Hearing Doctor

If you are planning to visit the audiologist anytime soon, it’s imperative that you know what to expect from the appointment. Unfortunately, like most people, your existing knowledge is probably somewhat limited. That’s why asking the right questions before attending the appointment can help you better grasp what to expect.

Here are just four of the most frequently asked questions that should provide some clarity ahead of your trip to the audiologist.

How long does a hearing test last?

Every patient has their unique individual hearing profile. As such, the time needed for the audiologist to accurately diagnose a problem before establishing the best possible treatment can vast from person to person too.

Still, the rule of thumb is to allow yourself 60 to 90 minutes for an exam. This includes enough time for;

  • Speech tests
  • Pure-tone tests
  • Physical inspections
  • Middle ear tests
  • Otoacoustic tests

There will also be a chance to discuss personal lifestyles, medical backgrounds, family histories, and potential treatments should hearing loss be identified.

Will the hearing tests be covered by insurance companies?

The good news is that most medical insurance companies will cover hearing examinations that are advised by general practitioners while many will extend this support to hearing aid devices and medications. Still, it’s always best to speak to the individual provider.

When discussing the costs with your insurance provider, be sure to talk about:

  • Hearing exam costs
  • Hearing aids
  • Device repairs

The audiologist will happily provide added support so that you can be sure to get the answers needed to clear up any confusion.

What preparations should be taken ahead of the appointment?

First and foremost, all patients are advised to familiarize themselves with the location of their audiologists. Turning up late to the appointment could place a limitation on what the audiologist is able to achieve.

However, there are a number of additional preparations that can be taken ahead of your trip to the audiologist. These include:

  • Make a note of medical history
  • List your current medications
  • Prepare questions you wish to ask
  • Avoid listening to loud music for 48 hours

Many patients find that asking a friend or relative to join them is hugely beneficial too. If it makes the appointment less daunting and helps you gain the best support, it has to be worthwhile.

Are hearing aids the only treatment option for hearing loss?

If your hearing loss is temporary, something as simple as earwax removal and a professional cleaning may resolve symptoms. However, if hearing loss is permanent, the most recommended treatment will be hearing aids. There are a variety of different styles and features you can choose from and your audiologist will ensure you find the best one to suit your particular needs. Your audiologist may also suggest different assistive listening devices to help you more easily incorporate your new technology into your daily life.