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6 Frequently Asked Questions About Audiologists

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If you have a hearing impairment, then you may have already seen an audiologist. In fact, you may have seen an audiologist many times. However, many people have never seen an audiologist and do not really understand the services that they provide. As a result, there are many frequently asked questions about audiologists.

Here are some of the top FAQs for audiologists.

1. What do audiologists specialize in?

Audiologists are medical professionals who specialize in hearing and balance disorders. They can treat infants, children and adults.

2. What types of conditions do they treat?

Audiologists treat conditions such as hearing loss, tinnitus, earwax impactions and vertigo. They treat many other disorders and conditions related to hearing loss and balance.

3. What educations are audiologists required to receive?

Audiologists are required to have an advanced degree to practice. This means they earn a degree after receiving their bachelor’s degree.

4. How can audiologists help when it comes to hearing aids?

If you need to get hearing aids, then audiologists are definitely the medical professionals that you should go to get them. Audiologists can test your hearing to see what kind of hearing loss that you have. They can also inspect your ear. After that, they will order hearing aids for you based on your level of hearing loss and the measurements of your ears. Once the hearing aids come in, they will make sure that they fit properly in your ears and they will program them for you. Finally, they will give you instructions on how to properly use and maintain your hearing aids.

5. Can audiologists help with hearing aid repairs?

Audiologists may be able to help with some repairs. For example, if there is a wax build up in your hearing aid, your audiologist will probably be able to remove it. However, if you have broken your hearing aid by dropping it accidentally, then it may need to be repaired by a professional hearing aid repair company.

6. When should I see an audiologist?

You should see an audiologist if you are experiencing hearing loss, if you hear buzzing or ringing noises in your ear, if you suspect that you have an earwax buildup, if you are having balance issues or if you would like to get your hearing tested.