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7 Telltale Signs You Should Visit an Audiologist

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On a scale of zero to 10, how do you rate your hearing?

Be honest.

Good hearing is crucial to our mental and physical well-being. Taking an active part in discussions and conversations is the glue that holds relationships together. The ability to enjoy birdsong or hear the warning of a smoke alarm are also important, but in different ways.

If your hearing isn’t as good as you’d like, consider doing something about it.

Audiologists are experts in hearing health. They are able to diagnose and correct hearing loss arising from any number of causes. And where hearing loss is severe, they can suggest strategies and ways of communicating to connect you up with those around you.

Perhaps you don’t think your problem is that bad? Even so, don’t ignore it. Hearing loss that is corrected early on actually deteriorates more slowly. A visit to the audiologist is an investment in your ability to hear in the future.

If you’re still not convinced, here at seven telltale signs you need to visit an audiologist.

#1: Grumpy neighbors

Have your neighbors complained they can hear the TV through the wall?

Insidious hearing loss leads itself to a heavy finger on the volume button on the TV remote. If you find yourself cranking up the volume on the TV or radio, then stop and question why.

#2: Discontented partner

When you suffer from unrecognized hearing loss, this can impact your relationships. You may not hear a throw-away comment from your partner, who then interprets your lack of response as disinterest. When you regularly miss out on small-talk or whispered affections, this can take its toll on the quality of the relationship.

#3: Last to get the joke

At a party or group gathering, are you always the last to get the joke or struggle to keep up with the conversation?

When you don’t hear clearly the brain works really hard to compensate and fill in the gaps. However, this takes time and processing capacity, which slows up your reactions and means the conversation has moved on by the time you understand what was said.

#4: Feeling isolated

Do you dread going out and avoid visiting noisy places because they leave your feeling confused and disorientated? The barrage of background noise can further reduce your ability to hear conversation, and as a result you start to avoid those situations.

#5: Missed callers

Friends phone or knock, but you don’t hear them.

#6: People mumble more

Do you find people mumble much more than they used to?

#7: Selective hearing

Perhaps you find women’s voices harder to understand than men? Or your grandkids speak too softly? It might be you have problems with specific hearing ranges, which is an indication of hearing loss.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, don’t delay, schedule a hearing test today.