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Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

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Hearing Aid Selection

If you have tinnitus, then you’re most likely sick to death of the horrible ringing in your ears. Nothing you do will make it go away, but the good news is that there is a solution. If you talk to your audiologist, they will suggest hearing aids to help treat your symptoms. They won’t cure your tinnitus, but they will make the ringing less obvious, allowing you to go about your daily routine without any constant frustrations.

There are plenty of hearing aids out there, so how do you know which ones are best for tinnitus? Essentially, it comes down to a few specific features. Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through the best options in this short guide.

Amplification devices

Most hearing aids are merely amplification devices designed to help you hear better. As it happens, these devices can seriously help someone suffering from tinnitus. However, they only really have an effect if your tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss. For many people with hearing loss, they experience this annoying ringing sensation as a symptom. If anything, it gets worse as your hearing deteriorates due to your inability to hear background noise and external sounds. Instead, all you hear is the tinnitus in your ears.

Therefore, hearing aids with amplification features can be used to soothe tinnitus symptoms. By amplifying the external sounds you hear around you, it essentially means you can listen to lots of other things. This can cover up the feeling of tinnitus while also taking your mind off it.

By seeing an audiologist, you can get hearing aids that are programmed for your specific needs. Different people struggle to hear in different sound ranges, with some having problems hearing particular pitches or tones. By undergoing a proper hearing test, your audiologist will diagnose your specific type of hearing loss, giving you a hearing aid that provides the amplification you need. So, you start hearing the things you used to be oblivious too, which takes your mind off tinnitus.

Sound therapy hearing aids

There are plenty of hearing aids out there that are built with sound therapy features. This feature is specifically designed to treat tinnitus and it works by playing white noise to stimulate your senses. The aim is that the white noise will help distract you from the tinnitus, as well as masking it too.

If you talk to your audiologist about these devices, then you’ll learn they can be customized to suit you. You’re able to choose the particular white noise sound that’s emitted, so it benefits you the most. Also, these hearing aids are great for treating people who have tinnitus that’s not accompanied by hearing loss.

Along with this, there are sound therapy devices that call upon pink noise, shaped noise or any other types of noise to cover up the sensation of tinnitus. They all work in the same way as a white noise device; to provide you with something to focus on so you don’t notice the ringing in your ears.

Acoustic stimulation hearing aids

Some hearing aids come with a feature that’s designed to provide acoustic stimulation. Basically, this means that your brain is stimulated by relaxing sounds, which will help remove a lot of the stress associated with tinnitus. The noises take your mind off the ringing in your ears, allowing you to relax and feel peaceful.

More often than not, these hearing aids will also have white noise therapy built in as well and they can be tuned to suit your specific needs. These hearing aids are typically worn before bed as a way to help you relax and stimulate your brain. They get rid of a lot of stress that’s built up, allowing you to almost train your brain to relax and stop thinking about the tinnitus. The hope is that, if you fail to notice your tinnitus with them in, then you’ll naturally begin to neglect your tinnitus even when they’re out.

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