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When you are facing difficulties with your hearing or you simply want to keep on top of your hearing, the most important thing that you can do is seek the help of an audiologist. Finding the right audiologist is a process and as with every health professional, you want to find someone that you are comfortable attending appointments with. This is the person that you’re putting in charge of your hearing health, which means that you need to consider the importance behind making the correct choice. Your audiologist of choice should be able to handle your needs, so if you are prone to ear infections, you’re losing your hearing or you deal with tinnitus on a daily basis, you need them to know how to handle it.

Use the internet

We are lucky to live in a time where technology enables us to find anyone and everyone we want to. It’s an obvious method, to use the internet to find the right audiologist. Specifically, you can look for those that specialize in the treatment surrounding it. You can tailor the search for your immediate area and there are specific audiologist search pages on the American Academy of Audiology website. The other benefit to finding your audiologist online is that, as with companies like Sonus Alexandria, you can read all about their services and the audiologists on staff as well as what they specialize in. You can also check out the hearing aids and cochlear implants available – just in case.

Word of mouth

Speaking to your friends and family about their audiologists and how they find the service on offer can make a massive difference to your choice. Most audiologists gain their patients based on referrals and while online reviews are helpful, it’s not always going to be accurate. Instead, it could be helpful for you to hear from people you trust about their audiologist, as you can then get the inside scoop on how they handle certain conditions.

Ask your doctor

Lastly, a clever way to get a good recommendation for an audiologist is to ask your primary healthcare physician. They can give you a professional opinion on the different audiologists in the area, which will carry more weight than online reviews and those of your family and friends, as they are in good standing in the medical community.

Characteristics to consider

While you can get all the recommendations in the world for the best audiologists, you need to have a good understanding of what makes a good audiologist in the first place. Trying to narrow down your choice out of the 13,000 practicing audiologists in the US isn’t easy, but you need to look for a few other characteristics other than the certifications on the wall.

  • Great bedside manner: Other than excellent testing and diagnostic skills, your audiologist of choice needs to make you feel comfortable. Liking and respecting your audiologist matters and they need to cover all the worries you have. You should take advice from someone you like and trust.
  • Excellent communication: Audiologists tend to know more about their field than patients, no matter how much you Google the answers. While knowledge is great, if your audiologist cannot communicate to you what the issues are, they’re not going to be good for your care. At Sonus Alexandria, we make a point of being as communicative as possible so that we can explain complex conditions and their treatments to you in a way that you understand.
  • Problem-solving skills: Your audiologist should be able to diagnose and treat you quickly from common issues like tinnitus to the more rare and complex issues. The good ones will know where to turn if they need further expert advice, so you can get the best care.
  • Their reception and office staff are cordial: A great audiologist is one thing, but they’re not anything special unless they’re supported by a great team. Rude receptionists with bad time management don’t engender much confidence in you as the patient. So, you need to consider the entire patient experience that the practice can give you before you make a commitment to them.

Finding the right audiologist could take you some time. You need to do your research slowly and interview several prospective audiologists before you make your solid choice. Speaking to Sonus Alexandria at (703) 823-3336 can put your mind at ease about your care and help you to get to a decision faster. Calling us today could change the future of your hearing.