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How to Help Your Loved One Find an Audiologist

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If you think that a loved one might have hearing loss, they need to see an audiologist so that they can have their hearing tested. Some people might need some assistance with finding an audiologist due to various reasons. If your loved one has asked for your help or you know that they will find it difficult to do on their own, you can help them to find an audiologist and make an appointment. Once you help them to get started, you can continue to support them by accompanying them for appointments and discussing their hearing health.

Discuss their needs

If you want to help a loved one choose an audiologist, you can start by talking to them. You might need to broach the subject of visiting an audiologist first. Your loved one could be unaware that they require a hearing test, or reluctant to have one. You can discuss the importance of getting their hearing tested, what happens during a test, and what solutions are available if they have hearing loss. It's also a good time to talk about what to look for in an audiologist, whether it's location, experience, reputation or how quickly you can get an appointment.

Research local audiologists

If you want to find an audiologist on your own, you can help with looking for local audiologists. The easiest way to find somewhere suitable is to look online, but many older people can need assistance with this. You can offer help by searching using Google or another web engine, simply by searching “audiologist” and your city.

Know what to look for

When you're looking at audiologists, their location is only one important factor. You also need to know a few other factors to consider. Some of the things to think about might include:

  • The audiologist's education and experience
  • Technology
  • Approach to care
  • Appointment availability and flexibility
  • Reputation both online and offline
  • Payment options

Book an appointment

You can continue to provide assistance by offering to make an appointment. It can be difficult for some people to make an appointment themselves, especially over the phone. If they're experiencing hearing problems, making themselves understood and understanding the person on the other end of the phone can be hard. You can remove that hurdle by being the one to make an appointment, whether you do it over the phone, online or perhaps even in person.

Help your loved one to find an audiologist so that they can receive the hearing care that they need.