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Government and Law Enforcement Molds

Government molds are popular for government employees such as Secret Service Agents and other members of law enforcement. Custom-molded earpieces handle the demanding needs of this position without compromising quality. Government employees and law enforcement that are required to wear a radio will benefit from the customization of a custom broadcaster earpiece. This is a custom earpiece that comes attached to the proper tubing to attach to a radio monitor. Because these earpieces are custom, they are comfortable for all-day wear and enhance important job functions. This is useful for any job that requires the use of an earpiece while on duty since it is a custom earpiece rather than a one size fits all earpiece.

Custom Earmolds

Jobs, hobbies and even everyday social gatherings all have different levels of noise. Whatever unique situation a user finds themselves in, it’s important to have custom earmolds that are in tune with the task at hand. Custom earplugs can prevent further damage to the ears, while also enhancing variables that are vital for the current environment. By taking an impression of the ear, the audiologists can order a custom earplug for several different purposes. This includes swim plugs, sleep plugs, musician plugs and more. Custom earmolds work as a great alternative for users that need a more personalized fit. And with developing technologies in and outside of the hearing industry, custom earmolds are likely to keep up with the trends.

Shooting Earmolds

Hearing protection is important when any time a weapon is fired. There is nothing more distracting than wearing an uncomfortable earmold while firing a gun. Not only can this affect aim, but balance is problematic when firing multiple loud shots. Shooting earmolds are the answer. There is a filter that engages when a sound hits a certain dB level, which makes it easier to communicate with others when the filter is not engaged. With a custom fit, they’ll block out noise that could be harmful to hearing while shooting a gun. It’s a winning situation at the hearing range and any other place where suppressing gunfire noise is vital.

If you’re considering earmolds for your line of work, hobbies or activities, call Alexandria Audiology to find out what protection we can offer you!