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Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you have had an hearing aid evaluation where you choose the hearing aids that are right for you, you will be seen for a hearing aid fitting where the audiologist will program them to your specific prescription which is devised from your hearing test. You will learn how to insert and remove the hearing aids, how to clean and care for them and how to change the batteries. We will try not to overwhelm you with too much information at this visit. You will have a follow up appointment in one to two weeks and patients generally have a list of questions at that time. It is a good idea to bring a close friend or family member to help remember all of the information you will be given at this appointment.

What to expect when you put the hearing aids in for the first time

It is common to have different emotions when you put your hearing aids in for the first time. This is normal. The goal of hearing aids is to make sounds in your environment more audible and to improve your communication ability. Although the sound will be different than what you have become accustomed to, it is important that what you are hearing is pleasant and clear. There may be some minor changes that need to be made on this initial visit to make the sound you are hearing pleasant and enjoyable. Generally hearing is not lost overnight, so it can be difficult to adjust to your full prescription immediately. It will take some time to adjust to all of the “new” sounds in your environment. We will gradually increase the strength of your prescription over the next couple of follow up visits.

Recipe for success

A positive attitude has been shown to be a key to success with the use of hearing aids. A positive outlook for the patient, as well as the friends and family of the patient, is a crucial key to having a more enjoyable listening experience more quickly. It is important to wear the hearing aids as much as you can to get used to the new sounds you are hearing. The more you wear them, the quicker you will adjust. This gives the brain a more constant signal.