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Hearing Aid Styles at Alexandria Audiology

At Alexandria Audiology, we’re proud to offer a variety of hearing aid styles to meet the varying needs of our patients. Our audiologist will work closely with patients to determine what the best hearing aid is for your hearing loss needs, while also considering lifestyle, budget and aesthetic wants. Patients have a number of different hearing aid styles to choose from, including:

  • In the canal (ITE); either full shell or half shell
  • Completely in canal (CIC) 
  • Invisible in canal (IIC)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • Receiver in the canal (RIC)

There are usually variations of each style that can be selected, such as BTE with earmolds. In short, there is an option available for any individual, regardless of preference. When deciding what hearing aid is best for a patient, the degree of hearing loss will be considered, in addition to what style is most appealing. Alexandria Audiology offers top-of-the-line hearing solutions from the following manufacturers: Phonak, Resound, Signia, Oticon, Starkey, Unitron and Widex.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Alexandria Audiology also offers a number of hearing aid accessories, some of them being manufacturer dependent. The most popular accessories are the ones that interface with equipment. This allows sound to be streamed directly to the hearing aid for a better experience. Notable options include: Phonak Com Pilot and Com Pilot Air with TVLink, Unitron uTV3, TVLink, ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2, easyTek and TV-DEX. Since these accessories rely on wireless streaming, they are a simpler solution than having wires. Bluetooth is the wireless technology that most hearing aids utilize, so the accessories that can be linked with it are limitless. Other than streaming sound, there are accessories for protection, comfort and ease of use.


Some hearing aids are invisible or IIC. It is a manufacturer-specific style that has become popular for patients who want their hearing device to be private. The devices are small and offer many of the same functions as full-size hearing aid, without the bulk. Because this style is worn in the canal, the sounds it digitizes are much more natural. However, these hearing aids are not advisable for individuals with dexterity issues or severe hearing loss.

An all-in-one solution

Regardless of what device you decide to go with, Alexandria Audiology provides a 75-day trial for your peace of mind. If you’re not satisfied with your hearing aid selection, bring your device into our office and we will work to find the right fit for your needs.

Whatever style is chosen, it is all about finding a balance between comfort and hearing clarity. Alexandria Audiology can help patients with that quest and so much more.