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Hearing Aid Selection

The decision to see (and trust) an audiologist is not one that many of us make lightly. Seeking their advice and professional help is not a step that any of us take unless we’ve first given it a great deal of thought. It’s not uncommon for us to be in denial about our hearing loss. Many of us are unaware that we could benefit from hearing aids. However, the thing with hearing loss is that rarely does it happen quickly enough for us to notice it. Hearing loss has a way of creeping up on us slowly and incrementally. It can take years or even decades to admit that maybe our hearing has started to become an issue.

However, over time, the signs add up too frequently for us to ignore any longer. You should seriously consider enlisting the help of an audiologist and getting yourself fitted for hearing aids if...

It’s been a long time since you were able to follow the conversation at a dinner party

People with hearing loss can usually follow one voice well enough, but following multiple voices can be extremely challenging, especially in a busy environment like a restaurant, cafe or dinner party. Straining to separate multiple voices from the scraping of forks, the clinking of plates and glasses, background music or the hum of nearby chatter can be trying or exhausting for those with hearing loss.

If you’ve been sitting out conversations for years, smiling and nodding at what you assume are the salient points, consider seeking help.

You get asked to turn the volume down way too often

Hearing loss can lead to less than harmonious relationships with your neighbors. If you feel that the volume on your TV or stereo is just about audible yet you notice that your neighbor complains about the volume with increasing frequency, you may assume that they’re bring pernickety or overly sensitive.

It’s just possible, however, that maybe they’re not the one with a problem. When you’ve spoken to an audiologist and had a hearing test you may be surprised to learn the true extent of your hearing loss.

Ear cleaning just won’t cut it

Sometimes hearing loss is caused by a buildup of earwax in the inner ear. Audiologists do not recommend cleaning out your ears yourself, and they certainly don’t recommend using a cotton swab. In some cases, seeing your audiologist for a professional ear cleaning will alleviate your hearing loss. If, however, a professional ear cleaning doesn’t cut it, don’t be surprised if your audiologist suggests you try using hearing aids.

People roll their eyes when you ask them to repeat themselves

You may not even notice how often you repeat yourself, but those around you do. As trying as it can be for you to follow a conversation, it can be equally difficult for those around you to keep repeating themselves. Indeed, for those with a stutter or speech impediment it can actually be upsetting and frustrating. If people (even those who love you the most) get exasperated with having to repeat themselves, this can be a very telling sign.

Your audiologist is here to help

The great news is that whatever the extent of your hearing loss, your audiologist can help you to find the right hearing aids for you.